Monday, March 31, 2008

The Daily Hack

One of the things I am very good at (if I do say so myself) is coming up with workarounds: solutions to complex problems when the resources are not at hand to Buy Something To Fix It. Sometimes I manage a hack for daily life - commonly I manage hacks for getting around technology. Sometimes I achieve those by cobbling together other people's hacks!

Today's Daily Hack:

Removing unwanted stationery from Entourage email
A co-worker sends through very garish pretty stationery with her email. Unfortunately, it slows down my mail client, Entourage. I don't want to make all my emails default plain text, as I receive a lot of complex html emails that I actually want to see. I didn't want to set the rule to simply remove attachments, because sometimes she will send me things that I actually need.

So I downloaded the remove attachments script from this site. With this script, I can now create a rule that when an email comes in from her, the script will remove attachments, save them in the saved attachments folder, and the same script will allow me, if it is apparent there was supposed to be something other than eyeball-piercing lime green pyjama stripes, to allow the attachments folder and view whatever she sent me.

I spent maybe an hour figuring it out - but I'd spend easily that much time waiting for her emails to open, minus the sense of satisfaction!

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